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Why should I Celebrate?


Why Should I Celebrate? Is it necessary? Everyone whom we have interviewed (and me too) believes that the one and utmost goal of their life is HAPPINESS. Simple right? Everyone wants to get happy – what’s new in this? But the path one chooses to happiness is different. Someone becomes happy with Prestige, someone with Money, and someone with friends + family.

What we actually believe is life has to live in a way that we will be mentally, physically, and socially healthy. Many research shows that celebration treats mental health. Celebration is a great way to keep bonding with your loved ones. Showing how much you care and spending time with loved ones cares about almost every problem. So, if you are still unsure Why Should I celebrate, here are the reasons:

  • Mental Health
  • Life Long Memories
  • Good Bonding with Loved Ones
  • Happiness

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But, when I and How should we celebrate?

Actually, you can celebrate any time and any day. Celebrate when you achieve something. Spend time with your loved ones whenever you need or want. And being together – deserves a celebration. Some of the best things you should never miss in Celebration:

Why I should Celebrate?

We are alive. Unsure of the future, but we have a moment, right here, in which to celebrate the miracle of being born and making it this far.

We have one another. Blessed to have neighbors, co-workers, friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, friends, lovers, and partners. Celebrate their impact on our lives.

We have reasons to hope. We may live in a world in which it seems like all known things and future outcomes are predictable and determinable. Yet we celebrate the fact that each day brings new possibilities, and the chance to build something great with our lives through effort and perseverance – indeed, that’s the only way anything worthwhile has ever been accomplished.

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