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Top 16 Places for Birthday Celebration in Kathmandu


Where to celebrate a birthday in Kathmandu? Don’t panic we are here to help you out through this wonderful guide. People need a quiet and peaceful place to enjoy. In Kathmandu, there are lots of places to celebrate a birthday. Horde is always seeking a beautiful place to chill out.

Here are the Top 16 Birthday Celebration in Kathmandu


Nanglo Restaurant is located in Darbarmarga Kathmandu Nepal. It is a quiet and beautiful place to celebrate Birthdays. It has lots of places to serve a large number of people. The Nanglo restaurant can serve different continental cuisines. 

Garden of Dream Cafe

Garden of Dream Cafe is the most beautiful place to celebrate a birthday. It has a cafe with a mesmerizing view of the garden and pond. People often visit there for refreshment and joy. It is the best place to spend valuable to your love once.

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Chicken Station

The chicken station is located in different parts of Kathmandu valley. It is especially famous for chicken cuisines but also manages a wonderfully decorated celebration space. People in Kathmandu are used to celebrating in the chicken station.

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Burger House

The Burger House in Kathmandu is one of the prominent restaurants to go to for dinner. Affordable pricing and wonderful customer service make it different from other eateries. It is located in different places in Kathmandu. It has 30+ branches within Nepal.

Thamel Eco Resort

The Thamel Eco Resort is an outstanding place to celebrate a birthday. This resort is the gateway through an evergreen and peaceful environment. It is located at the heart of Kathmandu city Thamel.

The humble staff and friendly manager make it more interesting to spend time there.

Thakali Bhanchha Ghar

Thakali Bhanchha Ghar is mostly served local cuisine and is famous for it. Thakali is Nepal’s one cast which is prominent for their food and eating style. Thakali is everywhere in Nepal. In Kathmandu people often visit Thakali restaurants to fulfill their food cravings.

White Horse Resort

White horse resort is the best celebrating spot near Kathmandu valley. It is located 4km from the ring road near Tau Daha. It is best for celebrating and staying with at least 50 people. Mesmerizing night view of Kathmandu city makes it more interesting.

Rosemary kitchen and coffee shop

Rosemary Kitchen is one of the best spots to celebrate birthdays and other events in Kathmandu. It is located at Thamel Marga Kathmandu Nepal. Rosemary kitchen has a beautiful dining hall with a clean and fresh kitchen. Enough parking space makes it more available for people.

Embassy restaurant and bar

It is located on the street of Thamel. It serves all the continental cousins for you on your birthday. It has a rooftop view where you can enjoy an astonishing city view. Even in winter one can get surprising service provided by this restaurant with the warm gas heater in every corner of the restaurant.

Reef restaurant and lounge bar

It is located south of Thamel, Kathmandu. It is the best place to celebrate a birthday in an aromatic environment. Live music sessions every night make your celebration fresher and more energetic. You shouldn’t miss this wonderful opportunity to celebrate your birthday in such a nice place.

Kathmandu grill restaurant and wine bar

Kathmandu grill is located north of Thamal, Golkapakha. It has a beautifully decorated celebration hall, enough space for a birthday celebration, and lots of parking space. The staff of Kathmandu Grill restaurant and wine bar are extremely generous. You never be bored celebrating your birthday here due to the satisfying services from management.

More than this there are many other places in Kathmandu for birthday celebrations.

Gundu Bhaktapur

Gundu has located in Bhaktapur district Nepal. It is only 20 km far from Kathmandu Nepal. It is an outdoor place to celebrate birthdays near Kathmandu. You can get a taxi from Suryabinayak to reach there. It is especially a picnic spot and has enough space to celebrate events.

Pilot Baba Bhaktapur

Pilot Baba is also an outdoor location to celebrate birthdays and other events. It has enough parking space and area to enjoy. The astonishing view of Kathmandu city makes Pilot Baba a more interesting place to enjoy. You can reach there by bus, bike, and taxi. You can also enjoy a jeep-flyer near Pilot Baba.

Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant

It is difficult to find a veggie restaurant in Kathmandu. Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Kathmandu. It is located at Thamel -29 Shiva Complex, next to Kathmandu Guesthouse, Kathmandu Nepal. It is the best option to celebrate your birthday with the pure veg test.

Top Places to Celebrate Birthday in Kathmandu.