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Top 10 Plants Gifts for Mother’s Day 2022

Unlike other plants, gifts are attractive, loving, and living gifts from yourkoseli. It feels your mother, you, and your love is always with her. You can purchase such gifts all the way from anywhere (USA, Australia, Canada) to send gifts to Nepal.

Indoor Plants Nepal

Here are the top 10 Plants Gifts for Mother’s Day 2022

ZZ plant (oxygen Purifier)

This is the most low-maintenance plant for your home decor.

This plant is about to grow approximately 1 foot high and 5-6 inches in width.

Indoor Cactus Plant

This is an indoor decor plant of the cactus family. It is small and easy to

handle to grow inside.

Cryptanthus Bromeliad Pink

Having pink gradient leafs Cryptanthus Bromeliad Pink is an indoor caring

plant. It needs low sunlight as well as low natural light compared

to other indoor plants.

Zebra Succulent Ceramic Vase

Zebra succulents, scientifically known as Haworthia Fasciata are

undersized indoor plants. This is only 5-6 inches in height.

It has a natural zebra effect as the name suggests.

Zebra Succulent Normal Vase

This is a normal variant of Zebra Succulent Ceramic Vase with 4-5 inches in height.

This is also an indoor plant with dark green color.

Dracaena Plant

Undersized mother’s day lives gift. Dracaena Plant is

low maintenance indoor plant for your mother.

It is 1 foot high and 5-6 inches in width.

African Violet

African Violet is a green leaf red flower most attractive indoor plant ever.

It needs negligibly more care than other indoor plants because of its flower.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

This is most decorative mostly found in tropical rainforests of Asia and Africa.

It is an indoor, low-maintenance plant to gift your mother in Mother’s 2022.

Snake Plant

Snake-like indoor plant with a white line on the middle of the leaf.

It has a light green leaf with a snake head-like structure.

Star Window Plant

The star-like green plant with max height at most 9 inches is an indoor medium decorative but highly adored.

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