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Yourkoseli- Send Cakes to Nepal

Staying close to your beloved ones is all concerning how well you’ll be able to connect with them, on an emotional basis. The key to a healthy relationship is communication, and if you’ll be able to work that out, then there’s nothing to stress about. So, if you’ve got that golden chance to work or study abroad, do not ruin it by worrying that you are staying away from your dear ones.

Instead, you should focus on how best you’ll be able to keep showing emotion connected to your family and friends, without holding distance hamper your relationship with them.

Imagine your beloved face lighten up with a beautiful smile when they receive the cake from Yourkoseli along with the note from you. This is least you can do for those you care about and a small gesture goes a long way especially when you are abroad. Don’t worry you don’t need to send an expensive gift, a cake on a birthday or anniversary is enough and have a huge amount of emotional value attached to it. Try Yourkoseli this time to send cakes to Nepal to your family and make them smile.

Home is where your loved ones are and no matter where you desire to pursue your education and career, never forget to nurture your relationship with your loved ones back home. Home is where mom is and home is where you belong. As long as there is someone loving you back home, you can achieve anything in life. Choose yourkoseli to send cakes to Nepal at the best price. With us special design cakes for anniversary, Birthday, Weddings, Baby shower and other special occasions.

2 thoughts on “Yourkoseli- Send Cakes to Nepal

  1. Anit lama says:

    I want to order a cake for my daughter birthday .. so how much it costs.. And how you guys gives the services plz kindly give me the details..

    1. Your Koseli says:

      Hello, mam, you can directly order from our website and pay through either Paypal or through MasterCard or do a bank transfer. If there is any problem with the order placement do contact at this number +977-9860291455.
      Thank you,
      YourKoseli Team

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