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Tiramisu Cakes in Yourkoseli Nepal

Here, at yourkoseli Nepal, we prepare the best tiramisu cakes for you. classical Italian Tiramisu Cakes at yourkoseli Nepal are made with the finest and the utmost care. These cakes comes with certain quantity of quality rum in the flavor of coffee. Likewise, this cake impart the greatest taste and aroma with the cheese layers in it. We make these cakes at our own bakery with love and guess what people are loving the cake. We are getting really nice response from Yourkoseli Family.

Know the Meaning of Tiramisu in Tiramisu Cakes

Generally, the word tiramisu means “pick me up” or “cheer me up” in Italian literature. As the name suggest, this cake is meant to cheer you up during your celebrations.

How These Cakes Evolved?

In the past, Tiramisu used to be a pudding like desert with sponge. However, in recent years mascarpone cheese is being used with the sponge to make Tiramisu Cakes.

Do Tiramisu Cakes Have Alcohol In It?

Well, there is not enough alcohol in tiramisu to get anyone buzzed. However, there is 2-3 tablespoons of Rum in it. Likewise, the cake do have coffee flavor as well.

You can now send classical Italian cakes to Nepal with yourkoseli

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