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How to Buy Pineapple Cake?

Buying Pineapple cake in Nepal is simple, just add cake you prefer under this category to cart and fill up the necessary information and proceed to checkout. For payment you can choose PayPal, MasterCard or Bank Transfer. Likewise, Cash on Delivery is also available.

If you are abroad, you might wonder,

How to Send Pineapple cake to Nepal?

To send this cake to Nepal you can just place your order with the shipping location in Nepal. Likewise, for payment you can pay us via PayPal or mastercard. If both the options are not feasible for you we accept bank transfer as well.

Cake Composition

The pineapples extravaganza cake composes of some butterscotch chips and pineapple chunks. On top of that is the nice mixture of cream. This Pineapple cake in Yourkoseli have simple design. Though the design is simple, it is appealing and in taste it is a masterpiece.

Likewise, pineapple fancy cake is fully decorated with the pineapple cream topping. This Pineapple cake in Yourkoseli is appealing and tastes really nice.

Pineapple Cake Price in Nepal

Generally, pineapple cake price in yourkoseli starts from Rs.900.