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Jar Cakes Nepal

Sometimes when you have an awful day, you can pamper it out yourself with delectable Jar Cakes that will surely bring out a smile on your face instantly. Also when you feel your best friends or your loved ones are disturbed at that point, Send jar cakes online in Nepal to bring a million-dollar smile on his/her face.


Jar Cake Price in Nepal

YourKoseli is now providing you with Special Jar Cakes in Nepal at the best reasonable price. The Jar Cake Price in Nepal is Rs 500 ( starting price)per pcs of Jar with different varieties of flavors available: Black Forest Jar Cakes,
Butterscotch Jar Cakes,
Chocolate Jar Cakes,
Vanilla Jar Cakes,
Blueberry Jar Cakes,
Red Velvet Jar Cakes,
Oreo Jar Cakes,
Strawberry Jar Cakes.


Buy Jar Cakes Online in Nepal

Do you crave cake time and time in a day but it’s not possible to relish your taste buds while sitting in the office? Additionally, on occasion, it’s impossible to enjoy an entire cake. In such situations, YourKoseli cake in a glass container (Jar Cakes) is onto relish your crave. You can have these delectable Jar Cakes any time you need to, while in the office, or hanging out with friends on somewhere else. The scrumptious layers of cakes are encased in a glass jar that makes it overly simple to carry around or keep it in your work area without causing a stir. Order or Buy Jar Cakes online from YourKoseli and enjoy your preferrable favorite flavors of cakes, one spoonful a time!