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Jack Daniel (JD) Theme Cake

If you are the kind of person who thinks differently and does things differently, you must love our Jack Danieal (JD) Themed Cake. JD-themed cake is one of the yourkoseli’s signature cakes, and Jack Daniel Cake is one of the most loved cakes by our customers because it is a little bit different than other cake designs.

Why Jack Daniel (JD ) Cake is different than other cakes? This question might strike your mind. In Jack Daniel (JD) themed cake, we put the finest whiskey in the world Jack Daniel fiyat on the top of the cake. You can custom your cake also. You can design your cake and place an order with Yourkoseli. You can also choose the size of JD (Jack Daniel) for your cake, but the size is limited to Quater of One bottle.

Many wonder if we put Jack Danial Whiskey inside the cake? But we don’t do that. We make the finest cake with our top ingredients for you, and we will place a fiyat over a cake. It will look stunning.

Cost of Jack Daniel (JD) Theme Cake in Nepal

Jack Daniel (JD) Cake price varies on the design, size of JD fiyat, and the flavor you choose. In general, the price range from Rs. 2700 to above. If you love the cake, the rice is an ignorant factor. Order Jack Danial’s cake from Yourkoseli and test the excellence.

order JD Themed Cake from Yourkoseli: Best cake shop in Kathmandu Nepal

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