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Fresh fruit cake composition From Yourkoseli

Fresh fruit cakes in Nepal from Yourkoseli are comprised of smooth buttercream and layers of moist cake with seasonal fruit toppings. The ingredients used are buttercream, buttermilk, eggs, flour, sugar, and baking powder topped with fruits like apple, blueberry, cinnamon, cherries, and cranberries. Likewise, this gracefully prepared creamy fresh fruit cake is also available in eggless style in Yourkoseli.

Fruit Cake Price in Nepal

The fresh fruit Cake Price in Nepal is Rs.750/pound. At Your Koseli, we provide SIMPLE fresh fruits with delicious cakes just at Rs.750 per pound. 750 is the best price for such an amazing cake from Your Koseli. However, the cost may also be affected by the design you choose.

Why Yourkoseli for the best Fresh Fruit cake in Nepal 

While making the cake, we only use fresh fruits so you will get the original taste of the cake. And on the other hand, our chefs will present an art piece for you on the cake. Because of that our cake looks stunning while watching, and so creamy and flavorous while testing. You can buy or order Fresh fruit cakes from yourkoseli at the best price in major cities in Nepal like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan. Yourkoseli never compromises in quality, taste, and customer satisfaction. Hence, you’ll get the best cakes in Yourkoseli.

Send Fruit Cake to Nepal 

If you wonder where to send fruit cake in Nepal, your concern ends here. At yourkoseli you will find the best fruit cake in Nepal at a very reasonable price and guess what, Yourkoseli serves the best Fruit cake all over Kathmandu. So you Visit-Choose-Order-Pay-Delivery-Enjoy. Through Yourkoseli, you can create your presence among your family, and friends.


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