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Father’s Day Gifts in Nepal

Dad, Papa, Daddy, Baba, Buwa, Ba whatever you call is always one of the most precious people to any son or daughter. Your dad deserves a gift every day for his contribution, his eternal love with you. However, it is quite impossible to do so. But, on this Fathers Day don’t miss it.

Although your dad may say he doesn’t want anything as Father’s Day Gift this year, you know that showing up at his door without a present isn’t really a possibility. BTW, who doesn’t love presents? Moreover, his sacrifice for your happiness, his struggle can never ever be compensated by anything.

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Send Father’s Day Gift to Nepal

Being far from home for studies or for work is OKAY. But, don’t be far from the heart. Send Amazing Father’s Day Gifts to your Dad in Nepal. We provide Online Gift Delivery in Nepal. Especially for Fathers Day, we have curated the best gifts that will always make your dad smile remembering you.

You can send Fathers Day Gifts to Nepal from Australia, the USA, Canada, or any other country. Just you have to choose the perfect gift -> to add it to your cart -> make payment(via Paypal/Mastercard) and you are done. Now it’s the turn of our creative gift makers and delivery ninjas to deliver a box of happiness to your father wherever he is. Let it be Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Chitwan, Pokhara, Dharan, or Butwal – our Gift Delivery is in the whole country(Nepal).

Curated Gifts for Dad

Dads are really hard to shop for when it comes to buying gifts. They never say they want anything else. Being a son or daughter, we have to find it. He might already have everything he wants (as he got an amazing kid like you). But, that’s not an excuse to settle for giving Dad yet another boring tie or gift card this year’s Fathers Day.

To help you find the perfect gift for Dad- Koseli Gift experts have created a carefully curated collection of some of the most popular gifts for dads of 2021.

Facts about Fathers Day in Nepal

Fathers Day in Nepal is celebrated in the month of Bhadra. It is also known as Kushe Aaushi. This special day is popularly known as Buwa ko Mukh Herne Din (बुबाको मुख हेर्ने दिन), Kushe Aausi (कुशेऔंसी).

In this year 2078, Buwa ko Mukh Herne din is in Bhadra 22. Fathers Day in Nepal is celebrated in Sep 07, 2021.

स्नाने दाने जपे होमे स्वध्याये पितृकर्मणि
करौ सदर्भौ कुर्वीत तथा सन्ध्याभिवादने ।।

अर्थात्ः नुहाँउदा, जप स्नान गर्दा, दानगर्दा, पाठपूजा, पितृकार्यमा समेत प्रयोग हुने वहूपयोगी कुशलाई हिन्दू धर्मावलम्बिहरुले महत्वकासाथ हेर्दछन् ।