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Eggless Cake in Kathmandu

If you are having a bad day, a piece of cake holds the power to make everything right. Wouldn’t you agree? But Cake has egg. Yeah, cakes have eggs. And some people may not like eggs but love the cake. Then what? No cake for them. We have the solution: EGGLESS CAKE IN KATHMANDU.

Although eggs have good protein, people are nowadays preferring eggless cake. People who are Vegetarians for religious or health purposes try to eat cake which is free of egg. So, we are for them. Keeping their spirit of not eating cake and love for cake, we have Eggless Cake in Kathmandu.

Differences: Eggless and Eggy Cakes

Cakes with Egg:The cake is a type of sweet treat that is normally baked. In its most established structures, cakes were just the modifications of bread, however, cakes presently spread a wide scope of arrangements that can be straightforward or expound, and that offer highlights with different treats, for example, pastries, meringues, custards, and pies.
Typical cake ingredients are flour, sugar, eggs, butter or oil, a liquid, and leavening agents, such as baking soda or baking powder.

Cakes without Egg: Cakes made without eggs can even now be similarly as taste and liberal as eggs made with cakes. This incorporates veggie lovers who exclude the animal byproducts result from their eating routine, individuals with sensitivities or prejudices to eggs, and individuals who pick to maintain a strategic distance from eggs for health reasons.
There is a wide range of vegan egg substitutes that can adapt many recipes so that they are suitable for egg-free diets.

Price of Eggless Cake in Kathmandu Nepal

You can now order Eggless Cakes Online in Kathmandu, Nepal from Your Koseli. It costs you just Rs.50 additional to the normal cake. You can make any flavored cakes to Eggless.

Order the moist and soft eggless cakes from Your Koseli with same-day delivery in Nepal. For 1 Pound Eggless Black Forest Cake it will cost you Rs.750. If you need Butterscotch without Egg then it will be Rs.900 for 1 pound.