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Eggless Cake in Kathmandu

If you are having a bad day, a piece of cake holds the power to make everything right. Wouldn’t you agree? But Cake has egg. Yeah, cakes have eggs. And some people may not like eggs but love the cake. Then what? No cake for them. We have the solution: EGGLESS CAKE IN KATHMANDU.

Although eggs have good protein, people are nowadays preferring eggless cake. Not everyone loves the flavor of egg in the cakes, so we will reduce the amount of egg and we will use the material that has so minimum amount of egg products. Keeping their spirit of not eating cake and love for cake, we have Eggless Cake in Kathmandu.

Price of Eggless Cake in Kathmandu Nepal

You can now order Eggless Cakes Online in Kathmandu, Nepal from Your Koseli. It costs you just Rs.100 additional to the normal cake. You can make any flavored cakes to Eggless.

Order the moist and soft eggless cakes from Your Koseli with same-day delivery in Nepal. For 1 Pound Eggless Black Forest Cake it will cost you Rs.750. If you need Butterscotch without Egg then it will be Rs.900 for 1 pound.

Confusion on Eggless cakes and Eggfree cakes?

Many people doubt these two words Eggless and Eggfree. But in reality, it both means the same. Eggless cakes and egg-free cakes are the same. Both the cakes are baked with the same procedure, but the only difference is what they use. In general cases, the use of eggs is compulsory to make a cream as well as cake bread, but in the case of Eggless cakes, the bread is baked without using eggs and other non-veg items. 

But remember one thing, eggless cakes are best for Vegetarians but not for vegans. 

Where do you find the Testiest Eggless Cakes in Nepal?

If you are talking about cake, yourkoseli is always the best choice. Yourkoseli is the best cake shop in Kathmandu. With over four years of experience on the cake, yourkoseli is providing the tastiest cakes in Kathmandu. So for the best Eggless cake in Kathmandu, you should remember Yourkoseli. 

Yourkoseli: Best Eggless cake in Nepal.