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What are Drip Cakes?

A Drip Cakes in Nepal is basically, any cake that has dribbles of chocolate (or caramel) dribbling down the sides. There’s no conclusive data on who made the dribble enhancement, or when it previously began, however, it started to pick up ubiquity in 2015. One thing’s for sure – the drip cake craze is not showing signs of dying down any time soon!

Essential Equipment

At the point when you’re making dripping cakes like a trickle cake, there are a few bits of fundamental equipment that you will require so as to get that expert completion. Just as essential things like cake tins and channeling sack, you’ll likewise locate that an enhancing turntable and buttercream scrubber have a tremendous effect on the last look of your trickle cake.

YourKoseli Special Dripping Cakes List:

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