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Father’s Day in Nepal

Father’s day or कुशे औंशी is the holy day in Nepal. Religious in terms that on that day, people worship lord shiva and their parents. The day is called a “Buwa Ko Mukh Herne Din”. On that day, people worship their father and make his favorite things like food, buy presents, and many more. Here, the term “Mukh Herne” refers to respecting or recognizing that person’s achievements, and contributions to us. So as a whole, Father’s day is the day where we worship our father’s contribution to our family and treat him with exciting gifts, delicious foods, and many more.

When is Father’s day in Nepal?

In Nepal Father’s day, Aka Buwa Ko Mukh Herne Din has not have a specific day. That means it is based on the position of stars every year. In 2078 the fathers day was on the 16th of Bhadra, and in 2079 it was on the 22nd of Bhadra. But the unchanged fact is that the day falls on Aausi, which means after the 15th day of full moon day.

What do people do on Father’s day or Kusay Aausi?

The day is also known as कुशे औंसी or Gokarna Aunsi or Pitri Tirpani Aausi. On this day, people bring Kush, a holy grass into their houses. It is believed that keeping kush cut by the priest and Vanja will bring happiness and prosperity to their families.
On this day, people visit Gosaikunda, which is one of the most popular holy places in Nepal, to visit or perform the holy ritual in the memory of their dead father which is called Sarad.
On the other hand, the day is also called Father’s day festival. Children’s Children pursue blessings from their father and remember his contribution to them. On this day, fathers are presented with beautiful gifts, delicious foods, and lots of happy moments.

Father’s day is important for Fathers also. In the modern generation, young people are far from home for the betterment of life, but they forget these types of auspicious occasions. Fathers do also have expectations. So all should value the meaning of father’s day. And spend time with your father and make him feel special.

पिता धर्मः पिता स्वर्गः पिता हि परमं तपः।
पितरि प्रीतिमापन्ने प्रीयन्ते सर्वदेवताः॥

Happy Father’s day , Buwa ko Mukh Herne Din 2079 from YK family.