Opera Cake in Nepal

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Opera cake is originally from France. This cake comprises of layers of almond cake, each soaked in a potent coffee syrup likewise a layer of buttercream and one layer of bittersweet chocolate ganache with a final topping of chocolate glaze. Opera cakes online in Nepal from yourkoseli are rich in flavours and comprise of a huge amount of delicious items on them however, these cakes are not the filling cakes.

Why buy opera cakes from Yourkoseli in Nepal?

in Yourkoseli you can choose from the wide ranges of Opera cakes online in Nepal with your preferred size and options. This cake is available in Rectangular shape, Square shape, Round shape and heart shape in yourkoseli. Hence, feel free to order the opera cake from yourkoseli for best delivery service at your doorstep at the best price. Remember, yourkoseli provides the online delivery of cakes in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan.