Fresh Fruit Cake in Nepal

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Fresh fruit cake composition from Yourkoseli

As a matter of fact, fresh fruit cakes in Nepal from Yourkoseli comprises of smooth buttercream and layers of moist cake with seasonal fruit toppings. The ingredients used are buttercream, buttermilk, eggs, flour, sugar and baking powder topped with fruits like apple, blueberry, cinnamon, cherries and cranberries. Likewise, this gracefully prepared creamy fresh fruit cake is also available in eggless style in Yourkoseli.

You can buy or order Fresh fruit cakes in Nepal from yourkoseli at the best price in major cities in Nepal like Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. Yourkoseli never compromises in quality, taste and customer satisfaction. Hence, you’ll get the best cakes in Yourkoseli.