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Exotic Blueberry Cake

Original price was: NPR1,000.Current price is: NPR950.

Blueberry Cake in Nepal From Yourkoseli Composition

The blueberry cake in Nepal from the yourkoseli recipe is the composition of butter, Milk, White flour,Β  Eggs, and fresh blueberries with the creamy, juicy sweetness layered in between. Likewise, for vegetarians, who prefer eggless recipes, blueberry cakes can be made without eggs as well. You can now buy, order or send blueberry cakes online in Nepal from Yourkoseli. Yourkoseli is the best online cake delivery service provider in Nepal. Likewise, the cakes taste better and the quality is always the best at the best price in Yourkoseli.

Buy Egg or Eggless Blueberry Cakes Online From Yourkoseli in Nepal

Yourkoseli has a wide range of Blueberry cakes based on customers’ preferences. Based on the weight and recipe you can have a half-pound, 1 pound, 2 pounds, or more Egg or Eggless blueberry cakes. Feel free to order, buy or send egg or eggless blueberry cakes online in Nepal from yourkoseli on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. It’s easy to buy or order cakes online in Nepal from yourkoseli. To place your order select the Blueberry cake of your preferences and then add it to your cart. Finally, check out the order from a cart.

Blueberry cake price in Nepal

Blueberry cakes are available at the best price at Yourkoseli. The price of Blueberry cake in Nepal costs around 900 to 1200. However, at yourkoseli, you can get the blueberry cake for just RS. 950 per pound.

Send Blueberry cake to Nepal from Yourkoseli

You can send cakes to Nepal from Yourkoseli all over the world. You need to choose the Blueberry cake category from Yourkoseli and place an order. We provide same-day delivery as well as you can pre-order your cake. You will find the best Blueberry cakes in Nepal in Yourkoseli.