Most Common FAQ’s on Cake Delivery in Nepal

We don’t need any occasion to celebrate. In the same way, any celebration is incomplete without a delicious cake. Some order cakes online, some go to physical stores to buy cakes, and some make cakes in their houses, but the cake is mandatory. Here are some FAQ’s on Cake (cake questions and answers) from Nepal:

Can I order my cake over the phone?

Yes, you can order cake over the phone. All you need to do is a ring on 9860291455 | 01- 5907989. Our customer service will get back to you within a minute. 

Do I need to refreeze the cake?

This is one of the most asked FAQ’s on Cake. The base of cakes needs to freeze for some time, and the good news is we do that in our kitchen. If you are planning to eat that cake within 2 to 3 hours, you don’t need to refreeze the cake. But for a longer period, refreezing is always the best option. And remember one thing, you should put your cake away from the heat. Heat will melt the cream. 

Can I mix the cakes from different ranges?

Yes, you can mix cakes of a different flavor, but only possible on stories cakes. At least two story cake is mandatory. You can choose one flavor on the top and the other on the bottom. 

What are your top sales?

Yourkoseli is the Best Online Cakeshop in Nepal. Our top-selling cakes are Butter Scotch Cake, White chocolate Cake, Pinata Cake, and Chocolate Cake. 

Can I order the cake online?

Yes Absolutely, you can order cake online from Yourkoseli. Yourkoseli is the best online cake shop in Nepal. Yourkoseli is ruling the online cake market for a year now. All you need to do is visit yourkoseli page, choose your best cake, and place an order. We deliver cake all over Kathmandu valley and Chitwan. 

How can I pay for the cake?

We have every model of payment option. If you are away from Nepal, you can pay via PayPal and Master card. You can also do swift for your payment. 

If you are from Nepal, you can deposit the amount in our digital wallets Esewa, and Khalti. Or you can transfer the amount to our bank account. For more flexibility, you can do COD (Cash on Delivery option)

Payment Detail:- 

E-Sewa ID: 9847755813 | Name: Asmit Gautam

E-Sewa ID: 9843613265 | Name: Kanchan Bhatta

Paypal ID: yourkoseli@gmail.com

Bank Details

Bank Name: Mega Bank Nepal Ltd

Branch: Thamel Branch

Account Number: 0570050059846

Account Holders Name: Kanchan Bhatta


Yourkoseli: Online Cake Shop in Nepal

Where to order a cake?

You can order cake online from Yourkoseli. We are the most trusted online cake shop in Nepal. So you can place an order of cake from Yourkoseli

One pound cake is enough for how many people?

One pound cake is enough for five people. But yourkoseli’s cake is so delicious, and I think your other four friends need to order another cake. 

What else do you provide along with cake?

What else do you need? Yourkoseli is Nepal’s first celebration portal. We have everything for your celebration. We have party supplies, gifts, and a fresh flower Bouquet

Sugarfree cake is sugerfree?

We do not have sugar-free cakes. But we can make sugarless cakes at your request. It will cost you 100 rupees more.

What details do we have to provide to order cake?

While ordering a cake from a website, you need to fill the form on the website. And for other modes, our customer representative will ask a few questions. Details include:

  • Cake Design
  • Delivery Date
  • Delivery Time
  • Senders Name
  • Delivery Location
  • Receivers Name
  • Receivers Contact Number
  • Message on Cake
  • Any special Touchup on Cakes

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