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Happy Mother’s Day

आमा हाम्रो संरक्षक परी हुन, हाम्रो घर हुन्, हाम्रो ब्रह्मान्ड हुन् । यसैले मातृदिवस एक विशेष दिन हो जो कोही प्रियजन आमाको सम्झना गराउँछ । We hope most of us are with our Mother’s at home during this lockdown. We hope we all are helping our mothers at the households, we hope we are all communicating well with our mothers, we hope we all are doing anything that costs to bring the smile on her face. We might have thought that we will celebrate this mothers day with delicious cakes and would gift something precious to our mother, however, the best gift we can now afford is the safety of our mother and family. Please celebrate this mother’s day staying at home and keeping the social distancing. Please ensure your mother’s and family safety. #Happy_Mother_Day #Stay_Home #Stay_Safe

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  1. R says:

    Wasn’t able to return home. Came to your website hoping to send mom a cake. Nevertheless, felt good that you left a message on your website regarding such. Thanks. Hope the YourKoseli Team is safe, well and in-doors and with family too.

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