Father’s Day in Nepal | Father’s Day Cakes in Nepal

Father’s Day in Nepal | बुवाको मुख हेर्ने दिन | कुशे औंसी

In Hindu Mythology, people treats Parents and Teachers as the incarnation of God. A father is a teacher, protector and savior and Father’s day is the special day to pay regard, reward and respect to the father by their kids. Unlike other nations, Nepal has it’s own unique calendar and every year it falls in the no moon day in the month of Bhadra. In English calendar the date might fall either on the month of August or September every year. On the occasion of Father’s day in Nepal, the kids pray for their father and celebrate the occasion with him offering him the special foods and beverages, gifts and cakes.

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Buwa ko Mukh Hernay din (बुवाको मुख हेर्ने दिन) signifies the meaning as “the day to see the face of the father”. This means the day to celebrate the occasion with father and make him the happiest one and get his blessings. For those who don’t have father, they can pay him a tribute to the soul of deceased dad. They can perform memorial ritual on the same day.

On this same day कुशे औंसी (kushe Aunsi) is also celebrated in Nepal. Kush is a holy grass which is used in all Hindu rituals in Nepal. The Kush should be brought home on this day only so that it could be used during every pooja and rituals.

Father’s Day cakes in Nepal

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Happy Father’s Day !!

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