Cake Shows Around World | Possibilities in Nepal

What actually is a Cake Show or Sugar Art Show?

Around the world, several cake enthusiasts, bakers and chefs keep organizing the cake shows and exhibitions. The trend of Sugar art show is popular in USA, Australia and Europe. Basically, the sugar art show is a event that have several sides and brings sugar enthusiasts of all skills level together. Chefs and Bakers around the country and around the world are allowed to take part in the show. Likewise, public having interests is shows are also welcomed.

Competitors brings the beautifully designed cakes and sugar arts of all forms and sign up for the competition. There are experienced judges and art enthusiasts to decide the best out of all forms. Several mentors offers variety of classes to the beginners and expert competitors helping them out to sort out any sort of confusions.

Several cake vendors showcase and sell cakes, cupcakes and cookies to the exhibitors in the show. Such events are meant to be informative and interesting to attendees of all ages. The attendees includes chefs, bakers, sugar artists, business owners, cake vendors, hobby bakers and general public.

Possibilities and impact of Cake Shows in Nepal!

Roshan Kumar Mandal Chief Chef From Yourkoseli was an attendee on the cake show as a exhibitor in Italy back in 2019. He was there to pile up the experience and see the world of cakes. Attending Cake Designers World Championship at Fiera Milano of RhoStrada Statale Sempione20017 Rho MI Italy led to the great inspiration for introducing the classic Italian Tiramisu Cake from Yourkoseli in Nepal.

He adds up, the backers and chefs should also organize such championships and cake shows in Nepal as well. Likewise, this would really help the cake enthusiasts from Nepal to pile up hell of experience in making cakes and introducing new recipes. He believe chefs and cake enthusiasts from Nepal should be able to introduce a new recipe of our own in Nepal. He added, we must share the cake recipe originated in Nepal to rest of the world.

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