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Cake Koseli (Cake Gift) from Yourkoseli saved a relationship

Sudhir is studying in Southern Cross University, Australia. He had left Nepal and his girlfriend back in Nepal 3 years ago. They are still in long distance relationship. Here he shares his experience with Yourkoseli cakes- gift cake (cake koseli) from yourkoseli and his lover back in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Her words were so hard to digest and to be honest I was so scared. We were in relationship for about 5 years, 2 years in Nepal where we used to go on a date every weekend and now it’s been more than 3 years we are in Long distance relationship. I had to move to Australia for my bachelors and she stayed back in Nepal. We had this argument last night and we both were so angry that we both broke in tears at the end. I knew that she didn’t mean to say what she said and I wanted to tell her that I didn’t meant to say all that I said.

I started to think about what could make her feel happy and she would just forgive me with a smile in the face. And I came up with an idea. I surf over the internet and searched for “best online cakes in Nepal” and that’s when I found yourkoseli. I asked them what could be the best option for me and they guided through to choose me the best cake these guys have. I wanted the cake that would make her happy and she could taste the feeling of love that I really wished to express. Yourkoseli suggested me to go with red velvet cake and these guys also said that red velvet cake is one of the top-selling cake in Nepal and taste is also the best. Likewise, the price of the red velvet cake was also in my budget. I decided to go with red velvet cake.

I selected the design and at the top, I asked these guys to write “I love you, baby”. Likewise, I asked these guys to add a card with my sorry message- ‘ I’m sorry love, it was not meant to go the way it has gone yesterday. Please forgive me – Sudhir” and they did the same. They sent me a picture of the cake and the card before they get it delivered. And they did as I preferred.

Finally, I was just finishing my assignment I got a call on my messenger. It was her. She broke on tears and she forgave me. She told that you’ll never stop surprising me with your silly surprises and kissed her mobile screen with a smile. She also told me that the cake was so tasty that she promised me that we both will order the same cake from Yourkoseli when I’m back to Nepal. She loved my cake gift (cake koseli).

I really appreciate the efforts these guys are doing to do something good in Nepal and would love to suggest my friends to buy online cakes in Nepal from yourkoseli. For Nepalese in Foreign, you can send Cake koseli to your loved ones in Nepal from Yourkoseli. As these guys told me they would never compromise on quality and taste even if they had to compromise some minutes in delivery this really made me trust these guys even more. They apologized me for some inconveniences caused during the delivery even though there were no such inconveniences. Their humble nature and hospitality made me share this story with them.

My Story with Yourkoseli- Sudhir Paudel

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  1. AWW! Its so sweet. They are doing a superb job. No one can beat their taste.

  2. Rabin subedi says:

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