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Cake Flavours in Nepal

cake flavor in Nepal

Cake Flavors in Nepal – Bored with the old-fashioned Black Forest and White Forest Cake Flavors? There are large options to explore Cakes in Nepal. Your Koseli has now a wide range of Cake Flavors in Nepal. We must have tried Black Forest, White Forest, Vanilla, and Chocolate Cake Flavor in Nepal. However, there are more options for Cakes in Nepal. This blog will explain the Types and Flavors of Cakes available in Nepal from Your Koseli Cake Shop.

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Blackforest Cake Flavors in Nepal

Blackforest is a general Cake Flavors Available anywhere. Black Forest Flavor consists of several layers of chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with whipped cream and cherries. The price of Blackfotrest Cake Flavor starts from Rs.600 per pound. Both variants of Eggless and Sugarless Blackforest Cakes are available at Your Koseli.

White Forest Flavored Cake

White Forest is another common Cake Flavor in Nepal. You must have tried it as well! Its method of baking is the same as Blacforest Cake. However, the cake is baked plain without adding cocoa powder. We have both variants of Eggless and Sugarless White Forest Cakes. White Forest Cake price starts from Rs.650 per pound.

Vanilla Cake Flavors in Nepal

Starting with Normal, Vanilla is another general Cake flavor available in Bakery Near You. Vanilla cake mimics a custard flavor by including egg yolks in the batter, making it a yellow cake. Your Koseli is rich in Eggless as well as Sugarless Options of Cake. Vanilla Cake Price Starts from Rs.700 per pound.

Fresh Fruit Cake Flavors in Nepal

Another type of Cake available in Nepal is the Fresh Fruit Cake. Fruitcake is a cake made with candied or dried fruit, nuts, and spices. The price of fruit cake starts from Rs.750 per pound.

White Chocolate Cake Flavors in Nepal

White Chocolate Cakes are rarely available in normal bakeries. However, it’s easy to shop at Your Koseli. White chocolate consists of cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids. It doesn’t contain any cocoa solids. The price of White Chocolate Cake Starts at Rs.850/pound.

Chocolate Cakes in Nepal

Your Koseli has a wide range of Chocolate Cakes in Nepal. Chocolate Cake consists cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids. It contains any cocoa solids. The price of Chocolate Cake Starts from Rs.850/pound.

Chocolate Truffle Cake Flavor in Nepal

Chocolate Truffle is one of the must-try types of Cake Available in Nepal. The Truffle Cake is a type of chocolate confectionery, cocoa powder, or chopped toasted nuts. Chocolate Truffle Cake Price Starts from Rs.900/pound.

Butterscotch Type Cake

Butterscotch is a yummy type of Cake. Although, all cakes are yummy. Butterscotch has its unique taste. The price of Butterscotch Cakes in Nepal starts from Rs.800/pound. You can buy a wide variety of Butterscotch Cakes from Your Koseli.

Red Velvet Cake Flavor in Nepal

Red Velvet Cakes are one of the most-selling cake flavors in Nepal. This Cake is less juicy and creamy. Hence, loved by fewer cream lovers. It is red in color as its name. The price of Red Velvet Cakes in Nepal starts from Rs.900/pound.

Strawberry Cake Flavors in Nepal

Strawberry Cake is another type of Cake you can try in Nepal. If you are a strawberry lover, this flavor will be a perfect taste for you. The price of Strawberry Cakes in Nepal starts from Rs.900/pound.

Cheese Cake Flavors in Nepal

Are you a Cheese Lover? Your Koseli has a wide range of Cheesecakes in Nepal. Cheese Cake Tastes like normal cheese. The price of cheesecake in Nepal starts from Rs.1100/pound.

Blueberry Cake in Nepal

Blueberry Cakes are another berry flavor cake available in Nepal. It is the composition of butter, Milk, White flour, Eggs, and fresh blueberries with the creamy, juicy sweetness layered in between. The price of the blueberry cake starts from Rs.850/pound.

Tiramisu Cakes in Nepal

Italian Tiramisu Cakes at Your Koseli Nepal are made with the finest and the utmost care. These cakes come with a certain quantity of quality rum in the flavor of the coffee. The price of Tiramisu Cakes starts from Rs.1100/pound.

Flavors Combinations in Nepal

The interesting part of Your Koseli Bakery is you can combine multiple flavors in one Cake. You can try Butterscotch with Chocolate Combo, Blueberry with Cheese and many more. Yourkoseli: Best cake shop in Nepal. For details feel free to contact us at:

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