Buying Gifts in Kathmandu and Lalitpur?

Kathmandu is the most populated city in Nepal, and so is the capital of Nepal. The market is so big that anyone can get anything in Kathmandu. But if you want the best, there is a very narrow market. The same goes for buying gifts in Kathmandu. 

Gifting practice is not new, but nowadays, the way has changed. That means gifting simple gifts is outdated. If you are buying a present for someone, that gift should show your relationship with that person. That should value the bounding. And that is the most tricky question while gifting your friend and family. Here are some tips if you are buying a gift online in Kathmandu and Lalitpur :


As we already discussed, the gift should be unique. Previously there was a trend of showcasing gifts of glasses. But that was outdated. Unique in the sense of uniquely beautiful and valuable. For example, travel combo packages and trip sponsorship. They will remember your present till the end because that will be worth remembering. 

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Gifting useful gifts to your nearest and dearest is great. That means you can gift something that will be useful for your friend or family. It depends on what you want to contribute and on which factor. If your friend is a traveler and loves to explore the world, a travel gadget will be the best gift for him. 

Some gifts that will be useful are Cosmetic Gifts, kitchen wares, clothes, gadgets, etc. Similarly, you can choose the best gift for your loving people. 

Buying gifts online in Kathamandu.
Box of Happiness


Gifting experiences or vibes is something unmatchable. There is a new trend of gifting and the best of everything. Donating during special occasions. For example, donating clothes to the needy on your father’s birthday. The blessings from those people will be the best gift that you will offer to your dad. Because money and materials will not stay with you forever, but the memory does. 

On the other hand, gifting plant is another good practice. Having an indoor plant in the bedroom and workspace has numerous benefits. It will decorate the place as well as help in purifying the air. If you are buying gifts in Kathmandu and Lalitpur, you should keep these ideas in mind. 


Who wouldn’t love a gift which is specially designed for them only? Customized or Personalized items will be the best choice of gifts. Some personalized gifts are customized coffee mugs, photo frames, chocolate combo sets, printed T-shirts, etc. You can make gifts with your hands to add extra value. 

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People are so busy thinking about what to gift. So there are many online platforms where you will get the best gifts online in Kathmandu and Lalitpur. Yourkoseli is Nepal’s first celebration portal for Best Gifts online in Nepal. Choose a uniquely thoughtful and customized gift that will be useful for your friend and family. 

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