Your Koseli Celebrations is an attempt to promote Happy Living and Living Life to the fullest. We beleive Life is not just to live, it is to celebrate as well.

Company Description

Your Koseli Celebrations registered under Koseli Celebrations Pvt Ltd is Celebration Focused Company. We are a major producer of things you need to celebrate. Working with the people, we found we are working hard for the future but not living life today. Life is not just to live, it is to celebrate as well. We found major issues of Mental Health and Human Happiness can be solved by celebrating good times with loved ones. So, we created Your Koseli to be a part of your celebration.

Why did We start?

Everyone is talking about Infrastructure but not the HAPPINESS INDEX. Being Happy is what everyone wants in their life. We started because:

  • Celebration helps to solve mental health
  • Celebration makes you happy
  • Celebration creates a life-long memory
  • We want to be the change and part of your happiness (celebration)

Our Services

At Your Koseli Celebrations, we believe in living in now. Your Koseli Celebrations will produce anything that helps to celebrate your life events like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Get Together, and so on. And celebrate today!

Current Services: Cakes, Gifts, Flowers, Party Supplies, Plants, Decorations


To create lifelong memories through celebrations which indirectly keeps up the happiness index and solves the issues of mental health.


Being a part of Happiness in Life of People by delivering various services which makes people happy.


We promise to keep you happy every time you work with Your Koseli. Celebrations. We put you at first, our community at second, our employees at third, and shareholders at last.

Company Culture

At Your Koseli Celebrations – we live in our culture. We thrive to provide always Aww-experience to our family. We are Customer(family)-focused.

At our company, we always thrive to learn new things and make the experience of our family amazing. We innovate for your better and happy living. We are Loyal. We are open and always maintain a happy and positive environment. We do not show off as professionals, we are your friends who understand your problem and solve them.

You can call us anytime for any help. We are always open to helping you (it should not be within our business).

Who We are Not?

We are not Gold Diggers – who seek valuation. We provide Value to our Family. Our mission is to bring happiness to the life of People and promote a happy and healthy life.

We are not Penman – who confuse with jargon. We are not Steve Jobs, we are not hyper-XYZ. We are just entrepreneurs who understand our family(you)!

Why We?

  • Limited but Quality Service
  • We have wide range of Cakes and Gifts.
  • Best Price, Often Discounts and Deals
  • Easy to work with
  • Friendly Team
  • And We Deliver Happiness