Yourkoseli – Bringing Happiness – Attempt to promote Happy Living and Living to the fullest. Life is not just to live, it is to celebrate as well.

Company Description

New lifestyle, Work Pressure, Abroad Studies, and Busy Schedules have somehow created a gap in relationships between individuals. Your Koseli is started with the aim of being the bridge between you and your happiness. Your Koseli is started to provide you an extra dose of happiness in your life. Let it be Celebrations, Travel, Health, and Meditation, or food. Your Koseli has something for you to keep you happy.

We provide you a trustworthy and easy platform to enjoy some time with your family, for every occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, marriage, etc. We deliver Cakes and Gifts to share with your friends and family.

Our Services

A Sweet Cake and Gift is the perfect way to tell someone how much you love and care for them and how eagerly you are waiting to see them smile. All you need to have is an Internet connection to bring a smile on your loved ones.

Moreover, Providing them Health Care, food, and Travel option adds happiness to the life of your loved ones. We are working on these services and will be soon available to you ( at the end of this year ).


To bridge the gap between the relationships of individuals and provide them a happy life.


Being a part of Happiness in Life of People by delivering various services which makes people happy.


We promise to keep you happy every time you work with Your Koseli.

Company Culture

At Your Koseli – we live in our culture. We thrive to provide always Aw-experience to our family. We are Customer(family)-focused.

At our company, we always thrive to learn new things and make the experience of our family amazing. We innovate for your better and happy living. We are Loyal. We are open and always maintain a happy and positive environment. We do not show off as professionals, we are your friends who understand your problem and solve them.

You can call us anytime for any help. We are always open to help you (it should not be within our business).

Who We are Not?

We are not Gold Diggers – who seek valuation. We provide Value to our Family. Our mission is to bring happiness in life of People and promoting happy and healthy life.

We are not Penman – who confuse with jargon. We are not Steve Jobs, we are not hyper-XYZ. We are just entrepreneurs who understand our family(you)!

Why We?

  • Limited but Quality Service
  • We have wide range of Cakes and Gifts.
  • Best Price, Often Discounts and Deals
  • Easy to work with
  • Friendly Team
  • And We Deliver Happiness