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8 Best Gifts for Father’s Day


Father’s Day is one of the most important internationally celebrated events in the world. In Nepal Father’s day is celebrated Shrawan or Bhadra depending on the moon cycle. In 2022 Father’s day is on the 27th of August. 

Father is our superhero who scarifies everything for us. Our responsibility is to make our father feel special every day but it may not be possible due to our busy schedule. At least once a year you can send a gift with lots of love to the father fromΒ Nepal’s first celebration portalΒ yourkoseli.

Chill Dad Gift Set

Chill Dad Gift set is for your cool dad. If your dad likes enjoyment so this gift is for you. It contains Jar Cake(Chocolate/Vanilla/Butterscotch), Jack Daniel’s Honey, Red Label, Jack Daniel (50ml), Nescafe Gold Cafe, and Neck Tie Set.

Special Father’s Day Gift Set

Special Father’s Day Gift Set is specially designed for culture-loving dads with Dhaka Topi. It contains Dhaka Topi, Dry Nuts, Father’s Day Mug, and Father’s Day Bottle. The bottle and mug can be customized through your design. We can also provide personalized gifts for your dad.

Pyaro Baba Gift Set

Pyaro Baba Gift Set is available exclusively in yourkoseli. It is a mini combo for your wonderful father. It contains Woodland Purse, Fogg Perfume, Ganesh Statue, and Dhaka Topi. It is for your devoted dad toward lord Ganesh.

Classic Dad Gift Box

A dad who likes the classic look is absolutely for him. You can purchase a classic combo for your dad. It contains Neck Tie Set, Woodland Purse, Jack Daniel’s, and Yourkoseli Box.

 Ultimate Dad Gift Box

Ultimate Dad Gift Box is for your cake-loving and nature-caring dad. It is highly customized with your design and message. It contains a Succulent Plant, a Fathers Day water Bottle, Father’s Day Mug, Jar Cake (Chocolate/Vanilla/Butterscotch), and Dry Nuts.

Premium Dad Gift Box

It is one of the premium Dad Gift Box. It contains a Succulent Plant with White Vase, Ganesh Statue, Nescafe Gold Coffee, Card, Jar Cake(Chocolate/Vanilla/Butterscotch), Dry Nuts, and Jack Daniel’s Honey. Yourkoseli is the best online store to sell Premium Dad Gift Box.

Best Dad Combo Gift Set

If you want to see your dad extra charismatic so this gift combo is for you. It contains Father Day Mug (Customizable), Woodland Purse, Neck Tie Set, Dry Nuts with Jar, Leather Belt, and Jack Daniel. Our best effort is to make feel good to your hero.

Cool Dad Box Gift

It is for your cool dad with mini Jack Daniel’s. It contains Woodland Purse, Fogg Perfume along with Jack Daniel as I mentioned.

Are you excited to order Father’s Gifts in Nepal?